World Government meets World Religion

These two emerging forces are found in the imagery and symbolism of the book of Revelation. World Government – Rev 13:1 and World Religion – Rev 13:11

Calls for a new world order have been made intermittently but now the chorus is peaking. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed the U.S. Congress late 2009 and called for the institution of a “global economic order” under “global law”. The first President of Europe, Herman Van Rompuy has declared 2009 “the first year of global governance” and a COP15 treaty “another step towards the global management of our planet”. In article 41 of the encyclical letter “Caritas in veritate” Pope Benedict XVI alluded to the construction of  “a new order of economic productivity” and “political authority”. We now know that COP15 failed to “seal the deal” contrary to UN chief Ban Ki-moon’s view, so the COP process moves to Mexico in 2010.

To date, three Conferences of the Parties (COP) have been held in Germany, COP1 being The Berlin Mandate. The Europeans are the most vocal advocates for world government but the Germans are pivotal and not surprising given the history of empires centred there: Holy Roman (1st Reich); German (2nd Reich); Nazi (3rd Reich) with a notable Vatican connection in each case. The Roman Catholic Church has used extreme measures throughout history in a quest for absolute power so the environmental cause presents a strategic opportunity to reassert control.

If the Beast of Rev 13:11 is a theocratic partner to the Beast of world government (Rev 13:1), it follows that we should look to movements in world religion towards support for any global alliance of that nature. The Ecumenical movement is already a movement as described above, even to the point of supporting green theosophy and opposing biblical eschatology as being heretical. Pope Benedict XVI is becoming known as the Green Pope and again in Caritas in veritate article 50 made the leap from “responsible stewardship over nature” to “that covenant between human beings and the environment”. How far away is that position from this green activist?

“The earth is literally our mother, not only because we depend on her for nurture and shelter but even more because the human sepcies has been shaped by her in the womb of evolution. Our salvation depends upon our ability to create a religion of nature.”
– Rene Dubos, board member Planetary Citizens

Hollywood has found the earth religion solution in pantheism, hence James Cameron’s Avatar.

Bible prophecy elaborates on the future world religion in Rev 17 describing a woman sitting on a scarlet beast. Without too much theology, this picture illustrates a major world religious order that has rebelled from submission to a supranatural god and is in open defiance. The leader (Biblically: the False Prophet, Man of Sin or AntiChrist) sets himself up as god on earth forcing allegiance to the world government and religion (Rev 13) and from 2 Thessalonians 2:

4Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

Note that the terms False Prophet, AntiChrist and Man of Sin are applied to the head of world religion. The head of world government, although anti Christ in nature, is only referred to biblically as the Beast or mouth of the Beast.

The scarlet beast of Rev 17 most likely symbolizes Christian denominations subordinate to the major player that have been duped into the new belief system that integrates environmentalism with watered down Christian teaching sans prophecy. The possibility of other religions; moderate Islam, Hinduism etc going along for the ride is not out of the question.

Update 1

The Vatican, having embraced environmentalism now finds it has a rival muscling in on its patch forcing some damage control and brand differentiation. In an effort to wrest back leadership (and hearts and minds) in the ecological “moral” issue, the Vatican has issued a dismissive criticism of the film “Avatar”.

Update 2

Pastors in Northwest find focus in “Green’


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