Pope Benedict backs The Beast

As predicted in the Dec 6 2009 post “COP15: The Beast and the False Prophet”, Pope Benedict XVI has expressed support for the UN/EU manufactured environmental crisis and the environmentalist religion that is formenting global anxiety with imaginary catastrophic scenarios foisted on an unwitting populace.

The Reuters report “Rich nations must assume environmental duties: pope” can be accessed here:


Also, from Ecumenical News International “Pope,ecumenical group, say security, creation at stake at COP15”:


And, from Associated Press “Pope calls for action on climate change”:


While the Pope’s ecological concerns are laudable, the bigger picture emerging is the worship of creation as opposed to the creator i.e. Mother Earth or Gaia. This is the new spirituality, the new morality, the new Catholic paradigm that paves the way for future papal degrees that will become more strident until eventually the missives will be backed by force as has been the case in the past.

The UN is already stifling dissent from their established position by use of armed guards as evidenced by the experience of film-maker Philem McAleer (Not Evil Just Wrong) at COP15. It is only a matter of time that similar dissent will be dealt with in the manner described in Revelation 13.

Although the papal exhortations of Tue Dec 15, 2009 are benign at this juncture, they do signal the Vatican’s theological support and affiliation with an emerging EU/UN totalitarian regime. It remains to be seen how the tone of papal directives in respect to the environmental “moral crisis”  evolve during Joseph Ratzinger’s tenure but the stage has been set for the entry of the second of the two entities of Revelation 13 – the False Prophet.

Update 1

Pope denounces failure to forge new climate treaty

Update 2

The UN Plan for Global Control


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